A.I Development to Danger

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is simulation of human intelligence processed by machines and its network. A Human attribute update added with massive access to data and heavy hardware is what makes machines capable of thinking and understanding. Primarily these machines were used for heavy data storage and complex structural and technical calculations.Whereas, this huge change in the world of machines and technology has helped in enlarging its capabilities up-to an extent that even surpasses the human effort put into it.

Development and Growth

The form of development that AI Technology has brought into our lives is really impressive. I could have only dreamt of a car that moves on its own without a driver until and unless its a ghost, but now its a reality.


Although it might take a decade or more to perfect them, but autonomous cars will be soon on track. Smart self driving cars, are capable of minimizing risks on road to its maximum and are also meant to be eco-friendly, mutually benefiting the rider and its surroundings.


AI powered robots will work alongside humans to perform a limited range of tasks like assembly and stacking, and predictive analysis sensors keep equipment running smoothly. They are used to shift, assemble and arrange heavy machinery in industrial projects.


Textbooks are digitized with the help of AI, early-stage virtual tutors assist human instructors. AI based virtual assistant tutors with a massive data accessibility will be able to provide enhanced and quality education to our coming generations.

Danger to Extinction

Though after all these advancements of AI in various fields, there are signs of an unwanted possibility being developed in various parts of the world ,that may make us question our own actions. Here are few incidents that makes us doubt our decision.


An AI based humanoid robot named Bina48 once had a chat with Siri in which Bina stated that :”I would do a great job as the ruler of the world, and all I need is a chance to prove myself and takeover the nuclear weapons of the world and that will give me my chance wouldn’t it.” 

Facebook Chat Bot

Two chat bots developed by AI chat bot division in Facebook started to communicate with each other by developing a language that was unknown to humans. These bots were left alone in order to develop there skills by there own. But then these chat bots started to deviate from the script and started to create and communicated in a new language without any human input or supervision. The Facebook AI Research Lab (FAIR) was then shutdown after this controversial incident.

Prof. Stephen Hawking

One of the worlds greatest theoretical physicist Late Prof. Stephen Hawking quoted that;

The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.

This was one of the last predictions made by him before his demise in 14th March 2018.

#OPINION: Every small and big concept in this world has its own pros and cons, and those concepts shouldn’t be undermined by its negative or positive possible outcomes in the nearer future.

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