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Thriller is a movie genre of fiction. It also consists of a lot of sub-genre such as suspense thriller, crime thriller, etc. Thriller movies always gets us very excited, anxious and a lot anticipated. Sudden change of events and its own creative way to give us unpredictable results to extreme situations is what makes it really popular. The most popular thriller movies where given by a director named Alfread Hitchcock who was also known as the “Master of Suspense”.

Here are some survival and suspense thriller movies that I think are worth watching.


Hush is a really exciting suspense thriller movie. The movie is about a deaf as well as a mute woman who lives alone in a house at the midst of a forest. Suddenly during a night she has an encounter with an unknown serial killer, who blocks all her options to get in contact with the outside world for help. The brave steps that she takes to fight the situation is what spices up the movie. A lot of unexpected twists and turns can be expected while watching this movie. (My Rating 7.5/10)

Bird Box

Bird box is a survival thriller based movie. The movie basically speaks about a group of people trying to survive through a post apocalyptic world, that was attacked by a mysterious creature, that makes people kill themselves. The only way to avoid the creature is by not looking at it, if you do you die. The movie creatively shows, how the people fight through the situation with utmost focus and also attain required resources in order to survive the attack. (My Rating 7/10).

A Quiet Place

Well “A Quiet Place” goes through a similar plot as bird box. But there are some important aspects of the movie that can’t be undermined and also provides a unique and thrilling experience to its viewers. The movie basically won a bunch of awards, for its use of silence to draw the horror of the situation towards the audience in a unique way. The movie actually speaks upon a post apocalyptic world in which a family is trying to survive a situation that consists of blind and mysterious cannibalistic creatures with immense sense of hearing surrounding them. The various techniques used by the family to survive the situation is what makes the entire plot interesting. (My Rating 9/10).

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