What is success?

People often define success in terms of money or being rich. Well I don’t think that’s what it is. Success means to achieve a goal, achieving a goal that the 99 percent is unable to achieve. Well being rich can also be considered as success if that’s what your dream is. Or else Money is the reward that comes along with your success, there are also other terms of reward such as fame, opportunities, etc.

How do I become successful ?

Well a fixed formula for becoming successful does not exist. But there are some points that we must know to become successful. 

Dream Big

The bigger your dream is the bigger will be your achievement, if your achievement is bigger, then your rewards will be better. Dream according to your passion and dream upon what you love. The more attached you are to your dream more will be your faith and determination to achieve it. 


Set your goals. Your goals will carve your path towards success. Your goals will act as checkpoints or milestones towards success. If you set up goals and work on it, you will be focused on your goal and nothing else can distract you whereas subsequently you will be working for your dream. One of the best ways to stay determined on our goal is by writing them down and reading them every morning. 

Work on It

We all are dreamers but are we the doers. Dreaming big and setting up goals can be done easily but you can only achieve success by working for success. And to work on your dream means to learn, it means to take action, it means to grab hold of your opportunities.

One day in an interview a media spokesperson asked Bill Gates of his secret behind success. Bill Gates wrote a blank cheque and gave it to the interviewer, she denied the cheque . After a few questions she asked the same question to him. He again gave her a blank cheque and she denied it again, but then Bill Gates told her that “This is how i became successful, i did not let go my opportunities. If you would have accepted the cheque you could have been the richest media spokesperson in the world”. 


Sacrifice is the hardest part of the road to success. Nothing comes out of comfort zone. The most biggest mistakes people make is that they invest there valuable time and money on parties, cars and other sorts of luxury. Although using that money they could have built a fortune of there own. The best way to sacrifice is to procrastinate. Procrastinate stuff that is not important to you, and do what is important first. If you could not attend this years new year party because of work don’t worry keep working and you will host your own new years party next year. That is the level of hope, dedication and determination needed to achieve success. 

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