How do the 8% succeed?

According to forbes only 8 percentage of people are actually successful. Yes, out of 8 billion people in the world only 8 percent people succeed. Well it is not the number that matters, its the question “how?”. What is it that only 8 percentage of people could figure out and the rest couldn’t.

Well it basically starts from the way we define success . Being successful doesn’t mean that we need to have the highest degrees and top quality education, if so 80 percent of successful people in the world are not educated at all. And a’lot of people say that, most of them are successful because they came from a rich  background. Well then 88 percent of successful people came from nothing. Success is all about courage. Are you ready to do whatever it takes to succeed. Are you ready to dream and not just dream but also follow the dreams. Are you ready to walk on the path of uncertainties beyond which lies success . Now that is what I call success. But how do we be ready.

Lets take a look… 

Comfort Zone

The first and foremost thing to do is to get out of our comfort zone. We need to realize that we wont find success until we work for it. We cant be successful until we decide to, and are keen upon making a difference. And it is only possible by getting out our comfort zone. All the successful people until now never had a comfort zone, but now they are living the best time of there life. It is hard but it is worth it. 


Work and time are the most important factors to be considered in order to be successful. A wise man once said that “Do tomorrows work today and today’s work now”. Procrastination and being lazy is one of the biggest things that keeps you away from success. To be successful we need to anticipate, make use of our time. If we have time we must set goals no matter whatever it may be and work for it with the time we have.


We need to be consistent upon the dreams that we follow and the goals we set. No matter how many failures we may have to encounter but we have to keep going. Why should we keep going, because this is our only purpose of life to convert our dream to an achievement. We will fail and we must fail but we wont be defeated. 


If you give me six hours to chop down a tree, I will use the first three hours sharpening my axe.

– Abraham Lincoln

Now when I’m talking about education it doesn’t mean that we must get good grades and top schools to be successful, though they are helpful aspects. When i am saying education I’m talking about a mindset, a successful mindset is very much required. We don’t need to be motivated to be successful because one day when we are motivated the next day we are all back to the same page of uncertainties. We need to be educated about success, about its importance and requirement which itself is a great motivation.

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